Livro Granado Inglês R$ 320,00  

Livro Granado Inglês

R$ 320,00

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Detalhes do produto

“(...) José Antônio Coxito Granado relied on creativity, courage and logical reasoning to accomplish, in the early 20th century, what the world would take a few more years to experiment and approve: handling and sustainably producing pharmaceuticals and cosmetics using vegetable oils and extracts.” This is how the journalist and writer Hermés Galvão describes how the founder of Granado built one of the main values of his brand.

Writen by Hermés Galvão, with foreword by Bruno Astuto, and produced by Assouline, Granado’s first book is a walk through the history of the most traditional pharmacy in Brazil; a path that is intertwined with the development of Old Rio and the habits of the cariocas.

About the publisher: Assouline is a renowned traditional book publisher in New York. Established in the 1990, with the intent to became the first publisher of luxury articles, through the years it has published over 1500 titles, for major brands such as Chanel, Cartier, Christian Dior.

221 pages in two versions: tradicional (33x25cm) e Special Edition (35x26cm).

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